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About ButcherBox

Delivering high-quality meat is just the beginning

Our company began with a simple mission to make high-quality meat more accessible to all. We soon discovered that meant doing something not so simple at all: rethinking our food system.

We’re in pursuit of a better way, one that’s focused on animal welfare, supporting farmers, treating our planet with respect, and upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion across our business.

What We Value



We care about the lives of animals. We’re proud to partner with folks who raise animals and harvest seafood with safety, sustainability, natural tendencies, and comfort in mind.

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Farmers and Fishermen

These are the people who harness the power of nature—we believe they should earn fair and predictable living wages. We support farmers and fishermen of all walks of life, and we’re dedicated to increasing racial equity in the industry.

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Our natural resources are limited, so we want to use them responsibly. We’re working to support sustainable fishing and agricultural practices, improve soil health, minimize our carbon footprint, and inspire our partners to do the same.

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Our partners and our employees are one team—and we’re ever thankful for that team. We believe in creating an environment where all of our workers are treated equitably and that their diverse identities and backgrounds are celebrated.

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We want to make high-quality meat more accessible to all, raising the bar for the meat our members eat and serve the ones they love.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Anyone can talk about their values. The true differentiator is what happens next—how these words come to life. We recognize we're on a lifelong journey, and the following steps are where we start.

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A Holistic Approach

Understanding the connections between farmers, animals, the planet, our team, and our members is where it all begins.

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A Giving Mindset

We carefully partner with charitable organizations to make the most impact possible. Please contact us for more information on giving.

Certified B Corporation

Third-Party Certifications

Don’t take our word for it. Third-party certifications, including B Corporation Certification, and various animal welfare organizations, including the Global Animal Partnership and ASPCA, hold us accountable.

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Transparency and Reporting

We’re on a journey, and we’re learning along the way. We invite everyone to follow—we’ll be sharing updates, and we’ll be open and honest about our progress. View our annual Social and Environmental Responsibility Reports below.

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A cow

More About Our Story

Motivated to find a better way to feed his family, ButcherBox founder Mike Salguero connected with a local cattle farmer back in 2015. The experience that followed, picking a share of the 100 % grass-fed beef spread across the farmer’s living room, led him to two revelations:

“The taste is better.”

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef tastes amazing—especially the cuts he hadn’t been able to find in local food chains and neighborhood supermarkets.

“The current system isn’t working.”

There had to be an easier way to find high-quality, humanely raised meat.

And so, with a mission to make high-quality meat more accessible to all, Mike founded ButcherBox. Since then, the company has grown and expanded the products delivered to doorsteps across America, all while taking steps to improve the entire food system.


Join Our Team

Our team is made up of people who collaborate and support one another. We’re always looking for outstanding folks to join our mission. Visit our careers page to learn more.

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