Find out everything you need to know about your ButcherBox order.

Can you help me understand delivery?

If you have questions about frozen delivery, you’re not alone! We’re here to help you learn more about how it works.

  • How does my order stay cold in transit?

    It’s all thanks to dry ice! We ship your box with a specific amount of dry ice that’s been carefully calculated based on where you live. As the dry ice evaporates, it mixes with the air inside the box which continues to keep the meat cold.

    If your box arrives without dry ice, that just means the dry ice has done its job. As long as your meat is cold to the touch and below 40°F, you can refrigerate and cook as normal or refreeze for future use.

  • What if I’m not home to accept delivery?

    No problem! Our delivery partners don’t require a signature when delivered to a home address.

  • How long can my box sit outside?

    Once your box is delivered, it can sit outside for approximately 6–8 hours. This can vary based on temperature and location, so we recommend bringing your box in ASAP! We use dry ice to make sure your meat stays frozen. As long as it’s cold to the touch and below 40°F, you can refrigerate and cook as normal or refreeze for future use. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • What if I have more questions? What if I have additional questions?

    We’re happy to answer them! You can reach a dedicated Member Support Specialist by writing to support@butcherbox.com.

    In addition, live chat is available by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of our website. Chat is awesome for quick questions on account navigation, current promotions, and general information. If you’d prefer to give us a call, member support can be reached at 855-981-8568 during business hours.

What’s the unboxing experience like?

Watch our unboxing video for all of the delicious details. Chef Yankel will go over what to expect and share tips on storing, freezing, and defrosting your meat.

I’m ready to cook! Do you have any tips for me?

We’re here to help! Learn about our cuts of meat, find tasty recipes and more. Take a look and start cooking.

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