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meal plan We love Plan To Eat for recipe organizing and meal planning

We love recipe planning, it makes our busy lives so much easier to set a weekly agenda for what we’ll be eating or cooking for our families and friends at the start of each week.

Recently, we discovered a web and mobile application that makes this weekly task soooo much easier. It’s called Plan To Eat, and a few ButcherBox employees are using it to clip and organize our favorite recipes, plan what we are going to cook each week, and strategize how best to attack the weekly trip to the grocery store. 

Basically, we love being able to keep all our recipes in one place and then easily filter them based on whatever we are thinking about cooking.

(One of the best things about Plan To Eat is that you can try the application for 30 days before entering your credit card information. However, through a special partnership with ButcherBox, Plan To Eat is offering readers of this blog a trial period of 60 days!!! Click here for the special offer!)

Karlene Salguero, founder of Women’s Journey Physical Therapy and the wife of ButcherBox CEO Mike Salguero, explained that prior to using Plan To Eat, she had stored all the recipes she found in her iOS Notes app and would have to scroll endlessly to find what she wanted. Others on the team have used Evernote for organizing recipes. 

However, with Plan to Eat, you can easily add recipes from the web by using Recipe Clipper, a browser extension that adds recipes to the app with a single click, or you can also import recipes directly from their URL, within the program. Filtering recipes is then quite easy. As Karlene explained, she can tag recipes with a certain diet she is following and then easily find them during when she is getting cooking plans ready. Best of all, you can alter the recipes pulled off the web to suit your own preferences. 

And best, of all, you can search through an array of filter options. “There are so many ways that you can search,” Karlene said. “You can tag different cuts of meat, which I love, and you can tag different types of ingredients and find the perfect recipe, which is awesome.”

With a desktop and mobile version for iOS and Android, the app can be used at home or on the go. It has features that make it the ideal way to plan a week of meals, as you can just drag and drop recipes into a weekly calendar. As Callie DePina, ButcherBox Head of Member Experience, said, “It is a great way to just plan out what you are going to be cooking each night and more easily shop for the ingredients you need.”

“It also makes the end of the workday less stressful knowing you have everything ready to just prepare and cook a recipe you love in the midst of a busy week,” she added.

In addition to being able to filter and organize recipes in a calendar, Plan To Eat also creates shopping lists based on the recipes you have plugged into your weekly calendar. One great feature is that you mark common shopping items you purchase each week as “staples.” You can also create multiple shopping lists based on the stores you plan to visit, the local grocery store or Trader Joe’s, for instance, and the app’s checklist is perfect to use in store.

“I made a checklist through their platform, which is really cool, ” Karlene said. “So instead of trying to keep track of all the things we normally have on, I can take the checklist, open our fridge, and mark off the items we are missing.”

Personally, I like the Plan To Eat “freezer” feature that reminds you of meals you’ve prepared and frozen for a later date.