Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs are named for the size – they’re the baby of all the rib cuts! From the very top of the ribcage, these ribs are also the leanest of the various rib cuts, and are best cooked over a long period of time. A quick brine and a good spice rub will retain moisture and add a ton of flavor, or try smoking them over a low fire, then transferring them to the oven. These ribs should be scored and peeled before cooking.

Chef Tips

  • DEFROST your meat properly – overnight in the fridge or under cold, running water for 30 min.

  • Dry your meat completely and bring to ROOM TEMP before cooking.

  • Before braising or slow-cooking, SEAR your meat for incredible depth of flavor.

  • REST your meat. Slicing and serving it too soon means losing those delicious juices. If covering meat with foil to keep warm, cover it loosely so it doesn’t lose moisture.