Sirloin Steak Tips

Sirloin Steak Tips

Despite being dubbed “a New England thing”, we think Steak Tips should be eaten across the country! Cut into one-inch cubes, our sirloin steak tips with their pronounced beefy flavor are on perfect for kabobs or sautéing. Marinate them with an acidic component like tomato or lemon to ensure maximum tenderness.

Chef Tips

  • DEFROST your meat properly – overnight in the fridge or under cold, running water for 30 min.

  • Dry your meat completely and bring to ROOM TEMP before cooking.

  • Our grass-beef is best enjoyed MEDIUM-RARE (125°F). Beef continues to cook 5 - 10°F after being removed from heat, so when cooking on high heat, remove it from the heat source 5°F “early” (120°F).

  • REST your meat. Slicing and serving it too soon means losing those delicious juices. If covering meat with foil to keep warm, cover it loosely so it doesn’t lose moisture.