Why is only 1% of the beef available in the U.S 100% grass-fed?

DIET – It’s far more expensive for farmers to feed cattle purely grass and forage than it is for them to feed cattle cheap fat fillers like corn, soy, and animal byproducts. Maintaining healthy soil and high-quality grasses is a costly but critical practice for producing tasty and healthy beef.

LAND – Grass-fed farmers need to own and maintain significantly more land for their cattle to graze compared to grain-fed farmers who pack their cattle into cramped feedlots.

TURNOVER – Grain-fed cattle take 16 – 18 months to reach weight whereas grass-fed cattle typically take 20 – 22 months. This is because most grain-fed cattle are quickly fattened up with starchy fillers and growth hormones. While grass-fed cattle eat only grass and forage and never receive growth hormones. At scale this time gap leads to significantly higher turnaround and profits for grain-fed farmers.