Can you explain when I will be charged each month?


Your order invoices on the same date each month, which is the date of order. For accounts that are set up every 2, it is the same date on the corresponding delivery month.




  • You order an All Beef monthly plan today (10/28/16)
  • Your next invoice date is 11/28/16 and the 28th of each month thereafter
  • You order a Beef & Pork box every 2 months today (10/28/16)
  • Your next invoice date is 12/28/16 and the 28th of every 2nd month thereafter


Approximately 24 hours after the order invoices, it is sent to our processor where it is picked for delivery and a carrier label is created for shipment.


If you would like to make any changes to your invoice date, please do so prior to the next invoice date either via your account or by writing to  Any changes made after the invoice date will be effective the next scheduled invoice.