What if my shipment is/arrives late?


We definitely understand this is concerning to you and we want to assure you that in the event of damage we are happy to replace the order and file a claim with the carrier. Please accept the delivery and if you find that your order has thawed to unsafe temperature (see below) let us know right away by emailing [email protected]. If you are able, please also attach photos showing the thaw/damage as these are extremely helpful when filing a damage claim with the carrier.



All of our boxes are packaged with dry ice, which is carefully calculated based on your geographic location and transit time. When packaging orders, we do take into account that is possible that the carrier may delay shipment due to an unforeseen event. The dry ice may be completely evaporated by the time the box arrives at your location, but your meat should arrive frozen when delivered on the projected delivery date. In the event of a delay, some thawing may begin to occur, but your order should be at a safe temperature (below 40º F).  We’ve had great success with orders delayed up to 3 days arriving in great condition and I’m hoping that your order arrives safe and sound, but if not we’re standing by to help!