My order is marked delivered and I can’t locate it. What should I do?


We would love every order to be delivered on time and without issue and strive to ensure this happens. We understand that on occasion a carrier can make a mistake or a delivery may come up missing.


When your ButcherBox order ships, we send a tracking to the email address on file and post a clickable tracking link to your account page under Shipments.  Please follow the tracking closely and report missing deliveries as soon as possible.  The carrier will often leave notes on the tracking as to where the delivery was placed, please check the location noted on the tracking first.  Check all doors at your location, even those you don’t regularly use including garage doors, gates to the property, etc.   If there were no special instructions placed on the order, the carriers will leave the package where they feel it will be seen and sometimes they get it wrong.  If you live in an apartment complex that has a leasing office or a front desk, please check with them as some carriers will leave the package at the office if there are no instructions on the order.


If you are unable to locate the package as noted above, please contact the carrier immediately. UPS/FedEx have GPS tracking and can help you in real time by performing a search to locate your package.  The dispatcher may be able to contact the driver and provide you with important information as to where the package was placed or have the driver retrieve the box if it was left at the wrong house/apartment and get it to you on the delivery date if you are proactive.  Engaging with the carrier will allow them to note the order is missing in their database and helps us to file a claim when necessary.  If UPS/FedEx is unable to find your package or prove delivery, a claim/incident number for loss may be provided.


UPS customer support can be reached here


FedEx customer support can be reached here


If you are unable to locate the package and the carrier hasn’t been successful in getting the package to you by end of day on the guaranteed delivery date, please email with details of the missing order, any information the carrier gave you, and the reference/claim number if provided. We hope the carrier is able to assist in real time and get you the package on the guaranteed delivery date without further issue, but if not we are happy to get a replacement sent out with the above information.


All orders are shipped to the address on file when the order was placed. If you made changes to the address after the order had processed, the order will ship to the address on file at the time it was sent to the processor.


We guarantee delivery to the address provided when the order is placed/shipped and when retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date.  If you would like an order that was improperly addressed or not retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date reshipped, you will be charged 50% of the cost for the replacement shipment.