My order has shipped – Can I make changes?


We’re happy to make changes to your order at any time prior to your invoicing(billing to your card on file).  Once the order invoices, it is sent to the fulfillment center and in preparation for shipment is picked and stored in a deep freeze.  Once this is complete, it becomes difficult to pull the order as the freezer is as least 0° F and there are thousands of other orders awaiting shipping.  An individual can’t spend an extended period of time in this extreme cold looking for an order and the carrier is on a deadline and doesn’t have time to wait while the boxes are gone through to try and pull an order.


If the order has invoiced and has been processed for pickup we will do our best to accommodate the request to pull/cancel the order, but we can’t guarantee this is possible.  If the box has been shipped, I’m afraid we aren’t able to cancel it.  


We send a reminder several days before an order is billed titled ‘Your next ButcherBox is coming soon!’ to alert you of the pending charge and allow time to make changes to your order, make any shipping address changes, pause the shipment, or cancel prior to being billed. 


You are liable for any order that isn’t updated or cancelled prior to the invoice/billing date.  If the order has shipped or the shipping label has been created, we can not recall or cancel the shipment and you won’t be refunded.  If the shipping address is altered after the box has shipped, we can’t guarantee the delivery beyond the original guaranteed delivery date.  Making changes to the shipping address once the order is in transit or the shipping label has been created will add at least one transit day in most cases that was not accounted for when the order shipped and could cause damage/thawing of the ButcherBox.   We are shipping perishable product with time sensitive delivery requirements, once the box has shipped the product can not be restocked or resold and is non-refundable.