I would like to change the date I’m billed each month. How do I do this?


You can change the date you are invoiced (card on file billed) at any time prior to the current order invoicing.



Click  here to login to your account and follow the instructions below to change your invoice date.






Adjust bill date 1


Choose the month and date you would like your next order to invoice (billed to your card on file), the click OK:



Unpause 2


A popup window will open confirming your billing date has been successfully updated.  Click OK to continue: 



Adjust bill date 3



Your account will now show the updated invoice date:



Unpause 4



IMPORTANT!  We send an email titled ‘Your next ButcherBox is coming soon!’ several days before the order invoices each month to allow time for changes to be made prior to the order being invoiced and sent to the fulfillment center. 


Changes to your invoice date must be done prior to the invoice date (date you are charged).  Once invoiced, your order is sent to the fulfillment center at which time it is picked and placed into deep freeze for carrier pickup and we can’t guarantee a change at this stage. 


If your order invoiced today, changes to the invoice date will be effective your next box.