I need to skip a month/pause my subscription. How do I do this?



You can pause your subscription up to 3 months via your account page at any time prior to your invoice date (date you are billed) for your subscription box. 




Click here to login to your account and follow the instructions below to pause your subscription. 



Next to FREQUENCY, click ADJUST:



Pause 1



Click PAUSE SUBSCRIPTION to pause up to 3 months, the click OK:



Pause 2



Choose the month you would like your deliveries to resume from the list and click SAVE to continue:



Pause 3




A popup window will open confirming your subscription has been successfully paused.  Click OK to continue: 



Pause 4



Your account will now show as paused until the chosen month:



Pause 5



For instructions on how to resume prior to the chosen date, click here.