I didn’t receive what I expected or think I’m missing an item. What should I do?


We stand behind our product 100% and strive to provide a great selection of quality product delivered to your door every month.  A missing item is definitely not something that should happen or a common occurrence.
Please check your invoice against the product received.  While it isn’t common, it is possible that an unforeseen event or stock limitation occurred and an item was swapped for one of equal or greater value that wasn’t noted on the packing slip in accordance with our Substitution Policy here.  This will If you are missing an item and it wasn’t replaced with one of equal or greater value, please email support@butcherbox.com and an agent will be happy to replace the item in your next shipment, refund the retail price of the missing item, or add credit to your account for the retail price of the missing item as you prefer.