An item in my order arrived damaged. What should I do?


First and foremost we are so sorry you’ve experienced an issue with your delivery and for any inconvenience this has caused you.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your ButcherBox experience and we are happy to resolve product issues reported when the box is delivered should you find an item was damaged in transit.  



 A damaged item(s) is definitely not something that should happen or a common occurrence.  That said, we’ve seen instances in a small number of deliveries where an item(s) sustains damage during transit due to the shifting of the product combined with the extreme cold of the dry ice.  This is an occurrence we’ve seen predominantly in orders that have the longest transit time.   To correct this issue, we’ve partnered with fulfillment centers on the East Coast (DE) starting in October 2017 and West Coast (CA) in addition to our Central Facility (WI).  We’re are also currently working with designers, engineers, and industry veterans to reduce the size of our shipping boxes and the packaging therein.  You’ll may begin to see some changes as we try new packaging options.   Transit time for West Coast orders has been reduced from 4 day ground to 1-2 day ground in most areas.  Transit time for East Coast orders is being reduced from 3-4 day ground to 1-2 day ground in most areas.  We’re very excited about these changes and hope you are too!



Please email with information on the damaged item(s) that was damaged as soon as you unpack the shipment and note the damage.  This needs to be reported to Operations and Fulfillment ASAP to ensure quality control and order review.  Please attach a photo(s) of the damaged item with your report and let us know if you were able to consume the item in question or if the damage caused the product to need to be discarded.  Photos are very helpful and allow us to visually assess the damages, provide feedback to the parties that distribute and fulfill the orders, and help us to continually improve our service.  An agent will be happy to review your report, photos, etc and provide an appropriate resolution when reported upon receipt.  



Thanks for your continued support!