Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your subscription by following the steps below any time prior to the order invoice/billing date  via your account page by clicking Cancel under Subscriptions/Options and following the prompts on your screen.


Please allow a minute for the cancellation to take place and the screen to refresh.  Once completed, the screen will update to the main page.

Please note that you are not able to cancel from a mobile device at this time.  You will need to cancel from a computer with popups enable.

IMPORTANT: If the order has already been invoiced/billed for the month, cancelling the subscription will not cancel the charge or the current shipment of your subscription box.  If the subscription is cancelled after your order has invoiced/billed, the request will be processed for the next scheduled invoice date.  We send notification several days before the order invoices each month to allow time for changes to be made. Once invoiced, the order is picked for delivery and a shipping label is created.  At this stage, we aren’t able to alter or cancel the shipment as it is perishable and can not be restocked or resold.  You are liable for any charges that incur prior to cancelling the subscription.