Cancellation Policy


We’re sorry to see you go! If your cancellation is due to an issue with a delivery, item received, or unsatisfactory support experience please reply with additional information and allow us the opportunity to address your concerns and make things right for you before continuing with your cancellation. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your ButcherBox and we’re always happy to work with you to ensure you’re satisfied. If you require the assistance of the Customer Service Manager or a Team Lead, please feel free to request their review or send a separate email to with attention manager in the subject line for a reply or call request.



We understand that circumstances change. You can pause or cancel your account at any time through your account page or by emailing


You can cancel your subscription  via your account page at any time prior to your invoice date (date you are billed).



Click here to login to your account and follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription.



Scroll down towards the bottom of the page.  Under Shipping Details you will see Cancel Subscription in red.  Click Cancel Subscription to continue:



 Cancel 1



You will see CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION – click YES to continue or GO BACK if we can help prior to cancelling as noted above:



Cancel 2



Choose the reason for you cancellation from the available options and please feel free to provide additional information, comments, feedback, etc. in the more info field at the bottom.  Feedback from our customers is extremely important to us and helps us grow to offer the best experience possible.  To continue with the cancellation click YES:



Cancel 3



The screen will refresh and show your cancellation confirmation:



 Cancel 4






If you’ve canceled your subscription on the day the order was placed or within 24 hours of placing your order or if you’ve cancelled on the same date you’ve been invoiced for the month, please reply to this email immediately.  



Cancelling as noted above may stop the order from processing to the fulfillment center and support will need to process a refund for you.



We send an email titled ‘Your next ButcherBox is coming soon!’ several days before the order invoices each month to allow time for changes to be made prior to the order being invoiced and sent to the fulfillment center. 



Once invoiced, your order is sent to the fulfillment center at which time it is picked and placed into deep freeze for carrier pickup and we can’t guarantee a change at this stage. If  your order has invoiced for the month, the cancellation will be effective your next scheduled invoice date.