6 Reasons ButcherBox is THE Trusted Source for Healthy Meat

Thousands of savvy, healthy consumers are discovering a better way to not only access clean, food, but also to get it delivered to their doors for free: ButcherBox! Each month, ButcherBox sends its members a curated selection of thoughtfully-sourced meat, including grass-fed beef, heritage-breed pork, and free-range chicken. Shipping is always free and a ButcherBox subscription costs less than $6 per meal.


1. Healthier meat

Recent studies have dispelled the long-held beliefs that meat is bad for your health. Grass-fed beef and free-range chicken are excellent sources of protein and essential nutrients. Naturally-raised pork and beef have a better omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid profile, more linoleic acid — an anti-carcinogen, and more antioxidants.


2. Mouthwatering flavor

While we’ve been conditioned to eat unhealthy, corn-fed beef most of our lives, eating a grass-fed steak for the first time is an amazing experience. Often more tender and with a more natural beef taste, grass-fed burgers, t-bones, and filets melt in your mouth. And don’t even get us started on the superior taste of heritage-breed pork and...bacon.


3. Rare cuts and great selection

ButcherBox monthly deliveries include some cuts of meat that you can find at a local grocery store, but also some lesser known steaks and cuts of pork that are harder to find. And don’t worry, we include delicious recipes to help you so there’s no need to be intimidated by a Denver steak or a Flat Iron.


4. Humanely-raised

ButcherBox takes enormous pride in having great relationships with our farms to make sure that grass-fed cattle actually spend their lives on the range, that pasture-raised pork not only live outdoors but also help reinvigorate the land, and that free-range chickens have space to roam.


5. Right to your door

The best part about ButcherBox is that each month, you receive a new box delivered right to your door. No more struggling to find just the right cut for a dinner you are planning. No more being intimidated when stepping up to a butcher’s counter. Just unpack your box — shipped for free — and enjoy the wide array of cuts we send you each month.


6. Get free bacon and $20 off NOW

A ButcherBox subscription costs just $6 per meal each. You’d spend upwards of $30 for a filet or NY strip steak at any high-end — or low-end for that matter — steakhouse. You can enjoy the same cuts — and the joy of cooking them yourself — for almost five times less than the standard steakhouse price. And for a limited time, new customers can get free bacon and $20 off.

The best meat ever, delivered to your door.

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