About the box.

Looking for 100% grass-fed beef you can trust?- So were we...

We flew out to farms and taste-tested every cut from every farmer. If we didn't love it, you won't get it. The search is over. This is your box.

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Your meat for the month delivered directly to your door in one simple box!

We've done all the hard work for you...

  • Finding the best possible 100% grass-fed beef from trusted farmers
  • Curating an awesome selection of cuts each month
  • Sourcing easy-to-follow grass-fed recipes from the pros
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Eco-friendly packaging

When it comes to shipping we
don’t mess around.

Our meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness and individually packaged. All of our boxes are filled with a specific amount of dry ice that's carefully calculated based on your geographic location. Your box will arrive 1 - 4 days after shipping and you'll receive a tracking # the night your box ships. We ship Monday - Wednesday for arrival by Friday in most cases, and the meat can stay fresh on your doorstep for up to 12 hours!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging materials are
biodegradable or recyclable.


"We want to make grass-fed beef
more affordable than ever before!"

Through partnering with a collective of small farms we're able to purchase in large quantities and pass the savings along to you. Our products are cheaper than what you'd find at large grocery stores, of the utmost quality, and delivered directly to your door. We also have unique cuts that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

ButcherBox starts at $I29/month   and comes with 8-11 lbs of meat, which is enough for at least 20 individual meals (at a 6oz portion size). The price works out to less than $6.00/meal and shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states!

You can also beef up your box by selecting add-ons like ground beef, bacon, and ribeye. Customize your box to fit your families appetite!

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To ensure the best possible product we taste test every cut from every farmer before we include it in our shipments.

Customers love it and so do the experts...
"Grass-fed (ButcherBox) was the hands-down winner in the steak competition. Barely finishing the first bites, each taster, literally blindfolded, declared the grass-fed steak the winner. "It's no contest."
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"We were able to get our hands on an early box and were impressed."
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"If you love healthy, 100% grass-fed beef, then you'll love ButcherBox! We've tried their product, love the taste and the fact that they deliver it right to your door."
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Better meat for a better you.

All of our products are free of antibiotics and hormones!
100% Grass Fed Beef


100% grass-fed and grass-finished
Organic And Free Range Organic Chicken


Free Range Organic
Humanely Raised Heritage Breed Pork


Humanely raised Heritage Breed

A Curated Experience.

We purposely take some control of the selection process so that you can explore new cuts and discover something you’ll love!

We spend countless hours choosing the cuts for each ButcherBox. We get you started with a well balanced assortment of steaks, roasts, and easy to cook items like ground beef and tips. Each month is an opportunity to try a different cut of grass-fed beef and explore a new recipe with our foodie-approved recipe cards. For added customization, you can select from a range of add-ons like NY strip steak, bacon, and tri-tip roast!

Our team continuously collects feedback from members, samples new cuts from farmers, and finds special surprise items to add. Our job is to WOW you with your box, so give it a try and you can be the judge!

Have feedback you would like to share with us? Contact us at [email protected]

Mouth watering recipes.

In addition to curated cuts of 100% grass-fed beef, your ButcherBox also includes easy-to-follow recipes from the pros. We partner with our chefs, nutritionists, and bloggers in the health and fitness community to inspire your grass-fed cooking. With our premium meat and their mouthwatering recipes, you'll be eating better - and cleaner - than ever before.

included in every box.

Paleo Leaps Surf & Turf Dinner
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