We've done all the hard work for you.

  • Sourcing and taste-testing the best cuts from our trusted farmers
  • Carefully curating the finest selection of cuts for you, or making it a breeze to choose your own
  • Securely packaging and shipping your box straight to your door
  • Upon arrival meat is always frozen or cold to the touch and safe to eat. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Opt to be surprised with a variety of cuts each week, or tailor a box to fit your needs!

Curated Box

Price 129

Choosing the cuts for each ButcherBox is a labor of love. We want you to discover new cuts, and explore the endless possibilities in the world of meat.

To get you started, we select a well-balanced assortment of easy-to-cook items, like chicken breasts, and more interesting cuts, like the Denver steak. In addition, you can always pick from a range of 12 add-ons to spice up your box!

CLassic Box

  • $129/month
  • 8-11 lbs of meat = 24 meals

Big Box Happy Eating

  • $238/month
  • 16-22 lbs of meat = 48 individual meals

Our team continuously collects feedback from members, samples new cuts from farmers, and finds special surprise items. Our job is to wow you with your box, so give it a try and you be the judge!


Custom Box

Price $149

Every family has different nutritional needs, and we do our best to meet yours. So we want to give you the option to take control of the selection process.

With that, the much-requested CustomBox is finally here! Select up to 21 different cuts of everyday items, like ground beef, as well as premium items, like pork tenderloins – not to mention our wide variety of 12 add-ons for that extra something special.

CLassic Box

  • $149/month
  • 12-16 lbs of meat = 30 meals

Big Box Happy Eating

  • $270/month
  • 20-26 lbs of meat = 60 meals

At Butcherbox, it’s about trust. We want you to feel as though you were at the butcher yourself. So make your life easier, and choose from the cream of the crop.

Happy Eating Happy Eating

Tick Mark Tick Markeating.

Our meat should always reach your doorstep cold and securely packaged. You deserve the highest quality product, so we’ll do our best to guarantee your satisfaction every month.

first-class shipping

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When it comes to shipping we don't mess around.

Our meat is frozen at the peak of freshness and individually vacuum-packaged. All of our boxes are filled with a specific amount of dry ice that's carefully calculated based on your geographic location. You'll receive a tracking number the night your box ships, and your box should arrive 1 - 3 days after. We ship Monday - Wednesday for arrival by Friday in most cases. Look for your box on its due date and refrigerate as soon as possible. Did we mention we ship for free?

Back to natureBack to nature

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging materials are biodegradable or recyclable.

Taste Tested


When it comes to meat, we look for great tastes and textures, just like you. Every cut that appears in your box has been personally taste-tested by us. Because we have access to the whole animal, we introduce you to cuts that you would never find at your local grocery store, but end up loving. The incredible quality of ButcherBox meat starts with our commitment to raising animals humanely, as nature intended.We keep it simple by giving you real meat.